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Trusses save you money, labor, time, materials and delays.

And we have some high-quality, locally-made and affordable trusses for you through our strategic partnership with Montgomery Truss & Panel of Grove City, PA.

Pre-assembled wall panels and trusses have changed the way most projects are done. Having them assembled off-site adds efficiency and flexibility as compared to doing the construction on the job site.

Some of the benefits of utilizing wall panels & trusses:

  • Wall panels and trusses allow you to replace elements of stick construction with components manufactured away from the job site.
  • Components are built using precision equipment and completely under roof. As a result, you get greater accuracy, reduced labor costs and quicker construction.
  • Trusses are delivered to the job site to meet your construction schedule–and the trusses are ready to go when they arrive.
  • Weather delays are minimized with quick enclosure.
  • There are no material shortages and no problems with the ceiling and roof line.

Truss designs are flexible to your need. Windows can be a preset option, or medicine cabinet, fireplace or special arch windows openings can be placed to your specs. If you spec it, Montgomery Truss & Panel will get it built right.

Any questions about wall panels & trusses, just call us at (412) 875-6320 or contact us online. Thank you.


Wall Panel & Truss Manufacturer Information

Montgomery Truss & Panel


For over 50 years, Montgomery Truss & Panel has been providing quality wood products and services to the residential, commercial and agricultural industries. Montgomery Truss & Panel has grown from a small lumber and hardware store to one of the nation’s leaders in computerized truss and panel manufacturing.

Montgomery Truss & Panel has consistently met (or exceeded) our expectations for quality, service and on-time delivery. And they’re a local company with headquarters in Grove City, PA.