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Sheetrock, drywall, plasterboard, wallboard, gypsum… whatever you call these panels, Reed Building Supply has the materials you need to make interior walls and ceilings.

The difference between sheetrock and drywall is like comparing Kleenex to generic facial tissues. One is essentially a name brand and the other is a generic. With that being said, Reed Building Supply chose sheetrock manufacturer Rockfon because of their high-quality products and superior customer support.

Download Rockfon’s ceiling products brochure.

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And when it comes to sheetrock, RBS delivers.


Sheetrock Manufacturers


Rockfon is a leading provider of acoustic stone wool and metallic ceiling solutions and suspension systems. Rockfon acoustic ceiling tiles have performance advantages made possible by a raw material found only in Rockfon products: stone wool. Stone wool is produced from volcanic rock, or basalt, which features unique properties that give stone wool a number of superior performance characteristics and attributes.

Download Rockfon’s Stone Wool Catalog (20 MB)