Jobsite Products

The jobsite products you need, at a price you can live with, in less than 48 hours.

That’s the commitment we make as a dealer of Eagle Industries jobsite products.

We love Eagle’s quality products, outstanding service, knowledge and industry experience and expertise. Through Eagles products, the Reed team will help you be more efficient, effective, profitable and especially safe on every job site. As Eagle is the top source for job site enclosure and containment products, Reed Building Supply will make sure your needs are met, regardless of the size of your project or the time of year.

Industrial painting. Abatement. Marine. Petrochemical. Along with commercial and industrial construction, Reed and Eagle is ready to assist you in choosing the most cost effective solutions for your project.

Click on the catalog image to open Eagle’s construction catalog in a new window, or right click to download

Whether containment products, enclosure systems or specialty job materials, Eagle’s distribution center in Hanover, Maryland (about 250 miles from Pittsburgh) can deliver the products you need within two days. Eagle has eight locations across the United States and two in Canada. Being a Pittsburgh operation, the majority of our customer’s Eagle products ship out of Maryland.

Eagle’s specialties include Debris Netting, Scaffold Sheeting, Construction Safety Netting, Winter Enclosure Tarps, Containment Tarps, Sandblast Screens, Shrink Wrap Containment, Flame Retardant Poly Tarps and more.

Below is a list of Eagle’s product lines. You can also download Eagle’s catalog of products (PDF).

And if you have any questions about jobsite (or any other) products, simply call us at (412) 875-6320 or contact us online.


  • Debris Netting
  • Safety Debris Netting
  • PVC Coated Debris Netting
  • Safety Barrier Fence
  • Privacy Fence Netting
  • Mesh Tarps
  • Personnel Safety Nets
  • Heavy Debris Containment Nets
  • Skylight Safety Netting
  • Custom Printed Mesh
  • Sewn Logos On Netting


  • String Reinforced Poly
  • Woven Reinforced Poly
  • Scaf-Lite™ Scaffold Sheeting 6 MIL
  • Scaf-Lite™ Scaffold Sheeting 12 MIL
  • Heat Shrink Wrap 9, 10, 12 MIL
  • Heat Shrink Wrap 7 MIL UVI
  • White Poly Tape
  • Double Sided Tape
  • Heavy Duty Strapping
  • Adhesive Spray Glue
  • Zipper Door
  • Heat Shrink Gun
  • Heat Shrink Torch


  • FR Economy Poly Tarp 6 MIL
  • FR Heavy Duty Poly Tarp 8 MIL
  • FR Extreme Poly Tarp 12 MIL
  • FR Ultra Extreme Tarp 20 MIL
  • Snow Tarps with Rings
  • Snow Tarps with Loops
  • Mesh Tarps
  • Mesh Screens
  • White Nylon Tarps


  • Coated Airbag Tarps
  • Coated Ripstop Tarps
  • Coated Geotarps
  • Geoscreens (Blast Screens)
  • Vinyl Tarps
  • Durashield Tarps
  • FR Canvas Tarps
  • TEPE Containment System
  • E-Trax Enclosure System
  • Containment Roof Bonnets
  • Containment Funnels


  • 14 oz. Red FR Blanket
  • 14 oz. Black FR Blanket
  • 17 oz. Red FR Blanket
  • 17 oz. Salmon FR Blanket
  • 18 oz. White FR Blanket
  • 18 oz. Tan FR Blanket
  • 24 oz. Orange FR Blanket
  • 30 oz. Gold FR Blanket


  • Poly Burlap Curing Blankets
  • Conkure Blankets


  • Cover Guard Surface Protection
  • Military Switchboard Matting
  • Sound Curtains & Noise Control
  • Rubber Membrane
  • Disaster Relief Tarps


  • Decon Shower Trailers
  • Dust Collectors
  • Dust Collector Ducting
  • Black Max Fans
  • Ventilation Ducting
  • Dust Sock Containment
  • Negative Air Units
  • Blasting Air Dryers