Choosing the right insulation that matches your needs and budget takes some expertise.

Reed Building Supply will match you up with the best insulation product for your project and budget. We’ll help you determine the appropriate type of insulation and the amount needed.

Reed Building Supply is a Kingspan Insulation, LLC dealer. From GreenGuard® insulated panels and insulation, architectural wall and façade systems, access floors, sheathing, moisture management and more, Kingspan has the quality and affordable products architects, contractors, developers and owners need.

Kingspan’s products help reduce the impact buildings have on the environment throughout their life cycle. Kingspan manufactures insulation products that deliver, such as their GreenGuard® line.

The Kingspan GreenGuard® brand portfolio offers extruded polystyrene (XPS) insulation board, air barrier building wraps and accessories such as flashing. GreenGuard Type IV 25 psi Insulation Board is an ideal exterior insulation, meeting your needs for multiple applications. Its extruded polystyrene (XPS) construction provides superior moisture resistance. And since it does not absorb moisture, it retains its insulating properties over time. Their Kooltherm line offers an extensive range of premium performance insulation products for wall, floor, soffit/structural ceiling and concrete sandwich wall system applications. Kooltherm has a fiber–free rigid thermoset phenolic insulation core that resists both moisture and water vapor ingress, and exhibits excellent fire performance.

Often the decision of who to buy insulation comes down to price. We’ll make your decision easy for you. But we can’t provide a quotation if you don’t contact us. Just give us a call at (412) 875-6320, and let’s talk insulation.


Manufacturer Information & Specs

Kingspan Insulation

Atlanta’s Kingspan Insulation, LLC is a leading manufacturer in energy efficiency and moisture management products. Kingspan offers high-performance insulation, building wraps and pre–insulated HVAC ductwork. Their vast product range includes optimum, premium and high performance rigid insulation products. Its products are among the most thermally efficient and technically advanced insulation materials available. Kingspan Insulation LLC products are suitable for both new build and renovation in a variety of applications within both residential and non–residential buildings.

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