Concrete Mesh Rebar

Rebar & steel meshConcrete Mesh & Rebar

Rebar has been used in construction since the 15th century. While Reed Building Supply hasn’t been in business that long, I grew up around this stuff and know rebar and mesh.

Rebar (or reinforcing bar) is a steel bar or mesh of steel wires used as to reinforce concrete and masonry. It’s surface is often patterned to form a better bond with the concrete. Rebar is available in different grades and varying yield and tensile strength, chemical composition and percentage of elongation. Reed Building Supply will help you choose the appropriate rebar for your application and get it to you at a price you can live with.

Wire Mesh

RBS provides the following reinforcing mesh products:

  • Reinforcing welded mesh
  • Trench mesh
  • Slab mesh
  • Brick wall reinforcement mesh
  • Rib mesh
  • Ladder mesh & truss mesh
  • Pipe-line reinforced mesh
  • Bar chair, bar supports & reinforcement spacers and reinforcement tie wire

If you require reinforcing steel products, we can help. Whether large construction and infrastructure contractors to medium and small sized building contractors, we’ll provide the products and service you require for your project.

To discuss your rebar and wire mesh needs, give us a call at (412) 875-6320 or contact us online.

When it comes to rebar and concrete mesh, RBS delivers.